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Earring in recycled 925 silver textured like caviar, accompanied by a 0.15 Carat Welo Opal from Ethiopia traditionally set in grains in the workshops of Place Vendôme.

Polished mirror ring, suspended.

Recycled 925 silver *10g

Opal (0.15 carat)

Sold individually

Handmade in France

On order


Discovery: Ethiopia


The Welo Opal is a rare pearl discovered in 1993 in Ethiopia, its bursts of color make it a stone as precious as it is coveted. These change depending on the viewing angle.


Its name comes from the Sanskrit “Upala” which means gem or precious stone. This one would have given the Latin Opalus and the Greek Opallios, which means “to see a change of color”.


It is a stone that many use to aid meditation, regulate mood and stimulate creativity. It is believed to increase clairvoyance and promote intuition and reflection.

Stone associated with Libra and Scorpio


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