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This signet ring is signed with the designer's texture with an Amethyst.

Recycled 925 silver *30g

Amethyst 13 × 8mm (12 carats)

Handmade in France

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Discovery: Brazil


Amethyst is a mineral that has an enchanting purple.


In Greek mythology, Dionysus, god of wine, desired the nymph Amethystos but she refused his offer. The goddess Artemis turned the nymph into a hard, cold crystal, protecting her from Dionysus' evil intentions.


The stone is perfect for artists, it promotes creativity and imagination. The stone is powerful for those who have addictions, it purifies those who have them.

The energies of this mineral evacuate stress and pressure. Amethyst helps reduce pain and balance bodily sensations.

It is also a useful stone for skin healing.

Also, the Romans used Amethyst to make wine glasses: it protected them from drunkenness.


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