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Unisex signet ring highlighting the eggs of the most famous caviar.

Accompanied by a Bihar moonstone traditionally set in the workshops of Place Vendôme.

925 silver *20g

Bihar Moonstone (1.5 carat)

Handmade in France

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Discovery: Bihar


The Bihar mine in northeast India is by far the most qualitative, the stones extracted have a bluish luster, which seems to float above the stone, and which is not found anywhere elsewhere.


Moonstone is sacred in India. It has the reputation of generating a happy future, guarding against accidents and developing intuition. An Indian legend claims that the person who puts it in their mouth on a full moon night will be able to predict the future.


Moonstone is a feminine stone, effective in bringing out our feminine side and accepting it. It's about our ability to feel, our sensitivity to art and beauty, our ability to create and be inspired.

Stone associated with Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini.


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